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Outdoor Signage

Enelles Glass house - outdoor signage
Dibond boards are one of the most popular boards in the signage industry, Dibond boards are the durable solution to advertise your company brand and services. Long lasting, sturdy and the perfect solution for excellent visuals, this is one of the best materials for your signage project.
We  print these using specialist inks to make them Solar UV protected to be long lasting with no fade from the sun.
Ideal for Property Development sites, workshops, shops and units.
outdoor signage - Foamex and Correx
In-house professional design service available if you require help with your design, please state this in your enquiry
To enquire or place an order please call 01704 544077 or mobile: 07913 701930 stating your requirements and whether you need help with your design.
Or email your enquiries to
Other options available include:
Other options are available for outdoor signage please call to discuss.

These can be designed and printed to whatever size you require from A2 up to 8 ft x 4ft.
barclay properties southport - Dibond boards
The Design Package print and copy shop
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